Check your vulnerabilities

This page enables you to run a very complete check of your domain/website/server setup

Warning - Disclaimer

Top-Secured, at your request, will proceed to vulnerability tests to collect data on your domain/server that are shown on public internet. Top-Secured has/will not run any penetration test onto your domain/server, but will only collect data that your domain/server shows to all the network. This operation is really common, and all your visitors browsers are collecting this same data at any time, so there is no threat at all for your server. The whole process is running in background and, in certain cases, could take few minutes. So you should visit us again after some time to get all data collected shown, or you may ask us for a full report when available. When you hit on submit button, you accept our users rules and you release Top-Secured from any responsibility for collected information and the whole process of collection.